ATM's And Currency

In the public hall of the international terminal there are a large number of booths offering currency transfer facilities. The booths are located on the left and right-hand side of the terminal exit door.

Exchange rates are similar between each provider and are much higher than standard exchange rates found elsewhere.

Currency Import and Export Regulations:

Foreign currency: Amounts exceeding IDR 100,000,000 or equivalent must be declared.
Local currency (IDR): Amounts exceeding IDR 100,000,000 require approval from the Central Bank or External Affairs.

Credit Card Fraud In Bali

Credit card and ATM fraud frequently occurs throughout Indonesia and Bali is not immune to the numbers of incidents occurring, particularly due to the vast numbers of tourists flocking to the region annually.

In order to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of fraud inform your card issuer of the intended dates of your visit and never let your card out of sight, particularly in shops and restaurants.

Only use ATM’s in securely controlled environments including banks and shopping centres. Shield your PIN from sight of hidden cameras and persons nearby when withdrawing cash.