Clearing Customs

Once checked luggage has been collected from the carousel, passengers proceed to the customs clearance area. Passengers with goods to declare including items above the allowable limits and/or prohibited items (according to the completed Customs Declaration Card) should proceed through the Red Channel.

Passengers with nothing to declare or those carrying goods within the permitted customs limits (and not carrying prohibited items) proceed through the green channel. Visit the Duty Free Allowances page to find out about the permissible limits into Indonesia including Bali.

Entry by passengers into either channel constitutes a legal declaration. Consequently if a passenger enters the green channel and is found to be carrying goods above the customs limits or prohibited items, he or she may be prosecuted for making a false declaration by virtue of having gone through the green channel. Each channel is a point of no return, meaning once a passenger has entered a particular channel they cannot go back.

Once passengers have cleared immigration and customs the arrival hall and meeting point pick-up zone awaits those who have arranged vehicle transfers onward to their accommodation or to meet up with family and friends.