Clearing Security

The safety and security of all of passengers is top priority at airports around the world and Bali International Airport is no different. This means all persons accessing the 'secure side' of the terminal building must first pass through the security screening process. Security screening is designed to ensure prohibited items and weapons are not taken into the airside area or on board an aircraft.

While some security measures can seem like an inconvenience, they are in place to protect everyone. Please cooperate with the requests and directions of screening officers, airport and airline officials when travelling through the airport.

An Airport Security Made Easy Infographic is available for free download to assist passengers in preparing for the security screening process.

Before arriving at the airport prepare yourself for security screening by understanding the process and knowing what you cannot take on board.

  1. Place all personal items, wallets or purses in carry -on luggage.
  2. Place your plastic bag of LAGs - Liquid, Aerosol and Gel items in the tray.
  3. Place metallic objects (keys, coins) and electronic items (laptop, mobile phone, tablet) in the tray provided.
  4. Remove hats and jewellery and place them in the tray.
  5. Place carry-on baggage onto the conveyor belt for screening.
  6. Inform screening officers if you have any medical devices, aids or implants before being screened.
  7. Proceed though the walk-through metal detector, or present yourself to the screening officer for inspection using a hand held metal detector wand.
  8. If an issue is identified, you may be required to pass through the screening process again until you are cleared. This may include a frisk search.
  9. Always do as instructed by the security screening personnel.

Your Rights At The Screening Point

When passengers enter a screening point they are agreeing to each screening procedure. If a frisk search is required you will be asked to consent to this process. You have the right to refuse any screening process however you if you refuse you will not be permitted to pass beyond the screening point and will not be able to board the flight.